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Perché Murter?

Island of Murter is connected to the land with drawbridge, which ensures good traffic connection with the rest of the closest coastal cities, Šibenik, Zadar and Split. Murter is located in the vicinity of two national parks of nature, Kornati islands and Krka waterfalls.

Fresh air, crystal clean sea and hidden coves and beaches make Murter a tempting destination for everyone who desires quiet holiday. Traditionally, it is a favourite destination for sailors, who recognise Murter as a best kept gastronomic secret and as the closest starting point to sail around the Kornati archipelago. 

In recent years, there is a shift towards active tourism, since the island provides beautiful biking routes and locations for diving. Since the nearby town of Tisno became a spot for popular boutique music festivals, Murter finally has a lot to offer to younger travellers, who are searching for a perfect mix of fun and nature.

Murter is situated on the southern part of the island, and it is the largest and oldest settlement on the island. Apart from Murter, there are three other settlements on the island: Tisno, Jezera and Betina. Inhabitants of Murter own most of the land on the Kornati islands, so it is easy to assume that the lives of people on the island are closely connected to the sea.

In history, the island of Murter was first mentioned by Pliny in the first century, under the name “Colentum”. At that time, in the northwestern part of the island was an ancient Roman settlement, called “Colentum”. It is assumed that the newcomers, the Slavic tribes, had found the ancient ruins and settled there. The town of Murter was first mentioned in 1273. 

For centuries, scientists have been trying to find out what the name of the island and the town of Murter means? For a long time it has been thought that its name has to do with “death”. Still, it is most likely that it was named after “mortarium” – a concave trough made of stone, which used to be a part of the oil-press. 

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